Friday, September 17, 2010


In other news, I think I may need to end things with SS. I just CAN'T get over the smoking pot everyday thing. It bothered me a lot more then usual on Wednesday when we hung out. So I think I will enjoy our date tomorrow night and then call him while I'm gone and tell him I think we should just be friends. I will really miss him, we have such a fun time together. But I just can't...and frankly don't think I ok with someone doing drugs EVERYDAY. Occasional use is one thing. EVERYDAY is a serious problem and it makes me SO uncomfortable. And if he tells me he won't smoke anymore if I don't like it...then Ill be dealing with a drug addict going off drugs? No thanks. I have had to trust that there was a boy out there I could connect with and wouldn't treat me like crap like Number 2. Now I have to trust that I can connect with a boy who won't treat me like crap AND doesn't do drugs. Come on, this can't be that difficult right? WHERE ARE YOU?

Tonight Alyssa and I are going out for a fancy dinner downtown! Tomorrow I have two dates with Crew and then SS...and somehow need to give myself a pedicure, do laundry, and pack all in between. OMG I am leaving for Hawaii in like 1.5 days. RIDICULOUS. I found where our house is on the island, we are pretty close to a really nice Grand Hyatt so I think I am going to seriously SPLURGE and get a massage and have a spa day and sit by the pool sipping a pina colada there on my day off. I AM EXCITED!

In other news, I think I may have already figured out my living situation? I am waiting to see if they will accept Bella AKA the love of my life, but otherwise I am REALLY excited about this possible prospect!!! More details to come:) Not quite as sad about moving today. Everyday it hurts a little less...but then as soon as I pull up and see the FOR SALE sign and more of our personal belongings are packed up inside...I get sad all over again. I think I need to get out of there asap...which for me is in about a month or so, so I can continue to save up and have cash in case of emergencies when I do move out. It's still all so surreal. My parents still don't know where they're going to move either. growing up sucks.

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