Monday, September 20, 2010

An Update From Hawaii, OBVI.

Literally, taken from my patio just now.

Hello from my patio ON the beach in Kauai, Hawaii watching the sunset. OMG its BEAUTIFUL here!!!! I have been to Maui and Oahu and this is BY FAR the most beautiful of them and most "Hawaii" feeling. I hate how touristy the other islands are, this one is totally not like that. It's really lovely. Someday I will have to come back when I'm not working the entire time and can actually leave the house. We are literally ON the beach, I look out my window to the waves crashing below me. AND there is a pool and hot tub AND tide pools made from molten lava. Not going to lie, I think I am a little emotional from last week and it may be a little PMS and tiredness but I have almost started crying QUITE a few times. I know what your going to say, SHUT UP YOUR IN HAWAII. Yeah I know, but I am in Hawaii with two married couples who are 10-20 years older then me and best friends and 2 babies. I keep joking that the babies are my dates. But they can't talk. And while everyone will be out at the pool getting drunk and laying out...or going hiking...or out to dinner...I am at home. With the babies. Alone. All day. This is what I'm saying. So it's not a horrible place to have to work, I do understand this, but it's almost worse then being at home. At home I get to go home at the end of the day and do fun things with my friends and GO OUT and do whatever I want...not so much here. It's almost torture knowing where I am and that I can't do any of it. But they are good about giving me I go in my room and desperately check my facebook and gchat to see whose on...and nap because kids wear you out...and of course sit in the pool for a little bit and read cosmo and have a drink. But I cant even drink a lot because it makes me tired and...oh yeah, I'm NOT on vacation like everyone else here. So it's kind of weird. I'm trying to just enjoy my sweet moments with the babycakes and when I'm alone laying out and reading. The weather is PERFECT. Not too hot or humid and not raining like the other times I've been to Hawaii.

Ok enough complaining about Hawaii, don't you want to know about how my TWO dates went on Saturday? haha...I know right, such a playa.

Hate the game not the playa.

SO lunch with Crew was really lovely...ate at a beautiful and delicious place where he insisted on paying again. We had better conversation then last time, and he was very sweet and fun. I had a great time. I also got to see his place and cute doggy when we met before we ate. Figured out his "HOW are you single?" ready? He was married. from the ages of 19-23 while he was in the military (pretty typical)...he's 31 now so it's history. But still, made things make more sense. I haven't heard from him since the date on Saturday though and he didn't end saying anything about going out again sometime. So I don't know.

THEN dinner with SS was also pretty great. At first we just snuggled on the couch then got AMAZING sushi, a growler from our local beer place, and went in his hot tub. I have to say, everything up until the hot tub was super fun. We were laughing and having such a nice time but he wasn't touching me or kissing me AT ALL and then in the hot tub...NOTHING. Um...last I checked hot tub=hot makeout session or at least cop a feel...nothing? And at this point it's not a respectful thing, now it's just annoying. I am super affectionate and LOVE that kind of attention. I am all about PDA. So I was kind of annoyed by the evenings end and am more fine with not seeing him anymore. Plus, he hasn't texted or called or ANYTHING since I have left either.

You wanna guess who HAS called? Yep, Number 2. Who else? Number 2 and I have been having interesting conversations lately actually...he keeps throwing things in like,
"we have really good conversations don't we"
"You know I love your laugh"
"I'm going to miss you"
and a big one was,
"how do you feel about going to Mexico?" UH WHAT?
"yeah, I was just talking to my friends about after I get into grad school we could all celebrate and rent a house in San Filipe and I think it would be a good time for you to get to know my friends too"

Dont worry friends, I say something snappy back every time. Such as, "well you never hang out with me anyway, I don't know why it will make a difference if I'm gone for a week now" and I have zero plans of going to Mexico with him unless GIRLFRIEND is mentioned MORE then once and I get to actually be a part of his life. I don't know what to do with this one. Either he is totally full of shit or truly cares about me and is trying to get it together. Him calling me all the time and the things he says make me lean toward caring, but then hardly wanting to see me and not being a part of his friends or social life makes me lean the other way. Arg.

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