Thursday, September 02, 2010

Something Healthy

Number 2 and I actually had a legit and healthy conversation last night. I was hesitant to even pick up the phone, but it ended up being really good. I voiced my concerns about getting involved with anyone else, including SS. Afraid it was inappropriate to like two people at the same time...and that it would ruin anything that could happen with Number 2 in the future. He eased my worries...and assured me that if we were meant to be together we would, and that no other relationship would hinder him being interested in me when the time is right. I am still wanting to take it slow with SS since I dont want to bring any Number 2 drama into things...but now I feel like I can bury my feelings for him again but not worry about them never resurfacing again. We have a really deep connection, Number 2 and I. He might be the one. but right now he SUCKS. So why waste my time when another great guy wants to treat me right?

Then I watched Sex and the City...where Miranda and Steve are in different relationships but she confesses her love for him anyway. And he reciprocates even though they're both involved with someone else. They were each others lobster...and that was that.

So now I feel like I can dive into things with SS...well, by dive I mean go slowly but surely. I dont feel like Im ruining things forever with Number 2...but I do feel like itd be ok if I got over him totally if thats whats meant to happen. I just feel better now. And Number 2 even said..."are things getting serious, do you need to stop talking to me for awhile?" I mean wow. He gets it. but he still sevol me.


Saturday SS and I attend our friends Jordan and Jesses party! Should be fun and Im excited to see what everyone thinks of him. Then Tuesday we're going to see INTERPOL!!! I cant even contain my excitement for that!!!

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