Friday, February 17, 2012

The Day I Saw The President.

I suppose I forgot to mention our family friend who does secret security for the president has been trying to get me a job working the Obama campaign. Either traveling with the campaign or based at one of their offices in LA. Step one was volunteering at an event in LA on Wednesday! It was only volunteer, but it was SUCH an amazing experience. The fundraiser was at a soap producers giant ass mansion in Beverly Hills and featured Jack Black and Rashida Jones as speakers, the Foo Fighters playing, and then of course the president speaking! There were only 300-500 people there so it felt very intimate and like we were one big family.

I was a greeter where everyone came in, and since everyone had to go through the same security I got to see all the celebrities and say hello to them! Mila Kunis, Don Cheadle, Herbie Hancock, the bassist from the Foo Fighters, and Wolfgang Puck were the ones I got to greet. Surprisingly I wasn't star struck at was all very relaxed and I felt like I'd been doing this for ages. Maybe I am more LA then I realize. The highlight was definitely when the president spoke, I genuinely believe in everything he stands for, when he speaks and I am with a crowd of like minded people- it was just so encouraging. Plus, his speech was very relaxed and even funny sometimes. I love having a president I feel like I could actually talk to. Unfortunately I had to stand outside from 1:30-8:00 in probably the coldest day in southern California this year (seriously, couldn't have gotten above 45 all day and I was only wearing my cardigan with the rain), so I was pretty exhausted and tired.

I couldn't take pictures at the event, but a cheeky bloke snuck in from an LA based blog and got some good coverage of the event here. I must say, its strange seeing the pictures since I recognize everyone in them and it was such a small group of people there really! Theres a bunch of pictures right where I was working, but I must have been talking to Mila Kunis then because only my boot made it in.

So heres hoping I get an amazing job out of it!



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