Monday, February 13, 2012

Great Finds: Skin & Nails

I was preparing a little email to all my girl friends getting married (all FIVE of them) to let them know of the amazing skin and nail care finds I have finally found in our area. When you find a great girl and price, its just selfish not to share.


Nicole Peters is the owner and main esthetician, you will LOVE her because she's cute and young like us and her business is beautiful! She does all kinds of skin care needs (waxing, facials, etc), but I now see her once a month for my beloved brazilian. For regular appointments its only $35 for a brazilian (A STEAL!), and even just once in awhile will only go for $45. Her new place is in kind of a random shopping center in Carlsbad, but once you're inside its really quite lovely. I am SO excited to have found this little gem and support a fellow young woman with her own business.

*For all my brides: start your Brazilians now so by your wedding you're so silky soft! Every time it grows in thinner and I promise, hurts less and less. Worth EVERY penny.

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Finding a good and quick manicurist is another feat. TINA at Nail Toepia in La Costa is the owner of this place I have been getting fantastic pedicures at since I was in high school, and now she does my gels for me. Their new "quick gel" goes over your natural nail without damaging it and lasts for almost a month. Its fast, cheaper than manicures and looks natural. And by cheap, I mean around $20 for a beautiful gel manicure that lasts weeks! Don't be put off by it not being too fancy shmancy, Tina knows what she's doing and is almost like a community figure in our area because we all love her work so much!

*For all my brides: They also do fantastic pedicures with spa chairs and add ons like massages while you're getting your feet done! Although I would not recommend their waxing services after a bad experience, go see Nicole for all of that.

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