Monday, February 20, 2012

Can't Take My Eyes Off of You.

"I remember, trying not the stare the night that I first met you. You had me mesmerized" 
-Brad Paisley 

Oh hey there indie music snob, did you just quote a COUNTRY song?!?!? Why yes, yes I did.  Damn you Mr. Boyfriend who sends me songs that are ALWAYS country songs! But I must say, those country boys know how to write some love songs. Its pretty precious. However, finding myself humming Brad Paisley...or Faith Hill and Tim McGraw throughout the day is...odd to say the least. 

When Mr. Boyfriend and I talk about the night we met each other on his birthday, last June in Bratislava, he pretty much says the exact above quote. He kept trying not to stare at me. And whats funny is he didn't even notice my huge boobs or ass (which are the typical getters) until we hooked up again 3 months later in October and he finally had me naked when the "DAMN! Where has THAT been hiding?!" came out. He said he just couldn't take his eyes off of my face and how when I smiled it lit up an entire room. 

It got me thinking of all the boys we waste our time with. If you are in the midst of your wasting time phase, then have fun! But otherwise, wait for someone who just cant stop looking at you when he first meets you. Who has a hard time finding words to say. Who is captivated not just by your beauty, but by everything you are. Those are the ones worth your time. The ones worth loving. Even if you never marry them or are together forever, at least you know they were captivated and enthralled by you. At least you know you were treasured. 



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