Monday, February 13, 2012


I dont know if I've made it clear enough that Mr. Boyfriend is a HOT PIECE OF ASS and works out serious strength training and drinks protein shakes, the whole deal (without too being crazy about it). Just a perk about dating a Marine I suppose...but also, hes just beautiful. He told me shortly after he left in October that I was his new inspiration for his work outs, he kept imagining seeing me again and wanted to look good. I wasn't sure how this was possible, but sure enough come January my boyfriends so excited to show me his already strong stomach now featured ABS. WHO HAS ABS?!?!?! Among other even more sculpted muscles! Ok, sorry I'm done being annoying and in love, I'm getting to my point. Now he says his workouts are inspired by wanting to be my "trophy boyfriend" which makes me laugh SO HARD every time! I've never even heard of trophy boyfriends, but he just wants to make sure whenever we're out he looks as good as I do.

Which brings me to my point. Am I the only one who works at being a "trophy girlfriend"? He does his muscle building thing which I know is as much about me as it is about his own self confidence, general stress relief, and enjoyment. But I definitely do my own version of trying to be a trophy by eating healthy 70% of the time, spending too much money on general hair and nail care, hygiene products, makeup, cute clothes, etc. And its because both of us want the other to feel so proud introducing us to friends and family, showing pictures, etc. I am confused by women and men who don't take care of themselves normally, but especially when they're in love. I guess theres now more room to just relax and not stress about being hot all the time, which I've discussed before, but just letting yourself completely GO or not trying in the beginning at all just baffles me. 

However, I dont know if the world is ready for TWO trophies together as a couple. I like to think thats why people stare at us in public...and not because we're an interracial couple. 

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