Sunday, February 26, 2012

Favorite Things: Z Gallerie

I've always avoided going into the Z Gallerie by my house. Mostly because I didn't have my own place to furnish and just by the look of it could see it was totally my kind of place and I'd end up leaving frustrated I couldn't get anything.


As we're getting closer and closer to getting a real adult job, being able to pay off debt, and move the heck out of here I allowed myself to venture in and BE AMAZED. 

Wouldn't this be perfect in-closet dresser?! It was on sale for only $100! 

I may have also found my dream couch...
It has a big matching chair and is SO SOFT AND CUDDLY I didn't want to get up!

But then we also found this, which is every mans DREAM.

uh yeah. Mom and I electrically reclined and also didn't want to get out again. When I told Mr. Boyfriend about it he was like, "Can we get it NOW?!" 

I also loved this headboard but in a different color...

And this little bowl for jewelry was only $10! I might have to go back and get me one!

I know this is a bit of an eclectic group of things, but I couldn't just post pictures of the entire store now could I. You just have to venture there and see for yourself...



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