Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Love Letters.

Had a rough day yesterday. Being unemployed without getting ANY assistance from the government or your family besides free food and a place to live...isn't easy. Barely making it with what was left of gas in my dads car, (you know, because mine has a flat and I have NO money to fix it with) to pick up my paycheck from subbing in January...only to realize LEAP YEAR has screwed me and I don't get paid until the 29th. So I'm crying in the parking lot, don't know how I'm going to even make it home with the gas light on. Was able to call around on my cards and see where I had at least $10 to put in the gas tank and went back home all embarrassed at my situation, angry at the world, and fussy. Not having ANY money (even on your emergency credit cards...because all the emergencies already happened) is the scariest thing in the world. Seriously. And really, all I wanted all day was some damn tacos. So instead, my beloved Annie invited me over to make me home made crab wontons and sangria! It was amazing! While I was there getting cheered up, Mr. Boyfriend writes me this "love letter". Which has since been transcribed and put on my mirror for obvious reasons. I just love him so much.

So I was just thinking about you and wanted to send a few FYI's...

1. I thank God everyday for bringing you into my life.

2. I am still absolutely amazed by you.

3. Still not sure how I managed to get my shit together long enough to get you.

4. You are the hottest girl I have been with.


6. I pretty much go to the gym not to stay hot for you, since I want to be the bf all your friends are jealous of.

7. Pretty much you're awesome, I love you, and I can't wait for our lives to begin together <3

8. I want to be on you. 

Oh, and I'm not drunk.

And THAT my friends, is why long distance boyfriends can be worth every moment.



PS: And also why if yours doesn't treat you right, throw his ass back and do your awesome single girl thing until a good one does come along.

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