Thursday, February 02, 2012

I Love Drunk Boyfriend!

My favorite is when boyfriend is drinking at night his time, and my time I'm at work so we chat online. Oh the things he asks me about and brings up, its so funny and sweet at the same time!

Today I got the...

Boyfriend: So can I ask you something kind of serious?

Me: of course! I love when drunk boyfriend asks me questions!

Boyfriend: How long should we date before we get married?

Yeah, I know. A boy wants to MARRY me!!!! eeeeeee! I know its early and that he was kind of drunk, but it isnt the first time we've talked about it. And its so funny, because as excited as it makes me I'm also just normal happy because it means just more of just us! And I love us! Marriage seemed so scary and final before I met him, but if its just more of THIS with him then I simply can not wait.

Don't worry, I told him we should be in the same country or place at least a few months before we get engaged, which wouldn't be until around this time next year, but otherwise theres no rules. And there aren't we can do whatever we want too. So there's no rushing going on, I think we're just excited because we're in looooove with someone we actually see an amazing future with. I just wish he were closer, I feel like I'm still waiting for our life together to even really get started. But I'm so excited when I let myself think about a life with him. Oh, the places we'll go.

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