Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Free Love.

I am all about hand made and sweet gifts for Valentines day, they feel so much full of love because it takes time and effort to put them together. Don't think men don't notice, I think most men feel just as loved when you make them dinner as they do when you give them an expensive present! (such easy creatures, really).

This year I sent the far and away boyfriend his favorite home made cookies, a USB full of music with a hand made booklet attached of everything included and my favorite songs so we could discuss later, and a really special journal of sorts I bought blank and filled over the last month with writings, drawings, thoughts, sweet things about him. I even copied some of my writings on here in there from when I first fell for him so he could see into my head a bit. Unfortunately, despite me sending it over a week ago it hasn't arrived yet, so I had to send some virtual ones for today.

Check these super sweet free ones you can print and do something amazing with for whoever you love in your life today! I used a lot of things like this to stick inside his little notebook, their design is rather lovely.

Ill be printing this to put on my reception desk today! Alongside the "horrible" looking sugar cookies and red velvet cupcakes some "terrible" woman brought in today. Full pdf link here!

 Look at these precious cup wrappers! I'm about to go buy one of those self decorating thermal cups and stick this inside- precious. Get them free to print here.

The Mod Cloth blog put a bunch of these beauties up from famous literature. This is my favorite, but see the rest and print for a home made card here.

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