Thursday, February 23, 2012

Guy Talk

Sometimes, I wish you could read me and Mr. Boyfriends conversations, you would laugh as we talk about ALL KINDS of random fun things and then will just interject and gush about how much we love each other and then count the ways- its ridiculous. Actually, thank God no one else has to witness our lovey dovey conversations, they would be so annoyed.

But today Mr. Boyfriend finally changed his FB status. I didn't really care that he hadn't until now, I know how he feels about me and that he just doesn't think about it, but lately all these old girl friends from high school keep FB chatting him and then trying to hit on him so I told him to change his status and it would probably cut down on it (among other advice/direction such as, STOP TALKING TO THEM), then he finally remembered to do it today. Upon the change, his room mates in Brazil started asking him about me and he told me he said,

"You're awesome

shit together
not crazy
have a job kinda
not crazy
not wanted to have any criminal records
not crazy
no kids
and finally, not crazy"

I laughed, swooned and then asked for the guy version, what he really said: 

"Dude, she's pretty fucking cool and not cray cray"


"She's pretty fucking hot"


"She's fucking chill as shit and not always buggin me or needing to talk all day"

Boy talk is so simple, hilarious, and ridiculous. And I love how they're almost an entirely different person with their girl. 



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