Friday, February 24, 2012

It's All Happening!

It would finally appear that a job may be on the horizon for this poor (and by poor, I mean poor) unemployed teacher! Brother works for a pretty amazing software company start up right by the beach and has been trying to get me a management job there since even though I am a teacher, I do have a pretty great skill set I can use in all kinds of different areas. With some shmoozing from brother, an awesome lunch with me and one of the managers, and then an informal interview with another manager MAY have landed me a paid internship! I am pretty much qualified for a higher end management position, but just don't have the tech expertise to really quite fit. So an internship was pretty much all but professionally offered so I could fill in my tech holes, get my foot in the door there awhile, and then move up. They need help doing things I could do now and I can learn everything else once I'm there! As far as they told me, they're just trying to clear the budget with the CEO's and then hopefully make me an offer! Even if I just get $15/hour for 6 months and am able to pay off my debt and save before moving up (and then out!) I would be happy. Plus once I move up, their management jobs pay really well!

Um, career change completely out of left field, I know. The thoughts have been around for awhile...and although I wouldn't be working with children or in education directly anymore, I would really still be doing similar things. The job they're forming me for is a social and presentational role where I am the pretty and awesome face for the customers (big name businesses) and then break down the projects for the geeky tech guys. Plus, my brothers company has great perks, benefits, is right by the beach and a gym, has an awesome community of cool people working there, my boss would prrrrobably turn into my best friend forever, and is small enough so that if someday I want to lessen my hours to do the family thing- I probably could. 

If all you took from that was "So. You're going to really be Joan Holloway then aren't you", then YES. 

I am hoping to find out and maybe even start next week! If nothing else I have an awesome sounding nanny job interview and a final interview for a pretty great summer kids reading program next week too. My happiness level has finally gotten back to normal (if not shooting through the roof) as I am finally getting interviews and leads now. It's amazing how sapped your heart gets from so much ignoring and just downright rejection every day. I feel like besides my year stint in Slovakia, which also SERIOUSLY left something to be desired, I've basically been fighting unemployment, without the luxury of government help, since I graduated. It's exhausting. 

I feel so thankful for even the connections and opportunities I'm getting! This could mean a whole new life for this girl. 

Keep your fingers crossed, sure how we have some good news by next week!



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