Thursday, March 08, 2012

Eggs: The Best Recipe Of Your Life.

I am a huge advocate of straight up protein in the morning. It SERIOUSLY makes you wake up, keeps you full until lunch, and gets the "I hate mornings" mixtape running through my head to turn off. Most of the time I get up an entire 30min early just to make myself breakfast (and a lunch for later)! Eggs are my go to because they are fast, delicious, and easy. Now, its recently occurred to me that my mother is a fantastic cook. Especially in the last 5 years she took a few cooking classes, read a few books, watched too many Gordon Ramsay shows...and just has all these tricks and recipes up her sleeve she can whip out at any time. Including (drum roll please) THE MOST AMAZING SCRAMBLED EGGS OF YOUR LIFE. I'm not exaggerating. Prepare yourself.
As You will now learn how to make the perfect scrambled egg.

Its as easy as watching this. Seriously, its a 4 minute video I watched twice and got it by heart.

Now don't be afraid. You can do this.

Things You Need:
-3 eggs
-creme fraiche
-salt and pepper

*optional: chives, basil, any other veggies you'd like on the side

Now Do It
1. As you hopefully saw in the video (seriously, 4 minutes is worth it for the most amazing eggs of your life) say goodbye to your frying pan and bust out a pot and spatula. Before your pot is even on the stove crack your eggs and add a bit of butter to it. THEN put it on the heat and stir it with the spatula

2. Now the fun part! After a bit, start to take it on and off the heat. Just hold the pot above the burner while stirring or move it to another burner. KEEP STIRRING. Never give up on stirring!

3. You will see them forming mmmmm now at the end add your bit of creme fraiche and stir that deliciousness in there too.

4. Fold in your chives or basil. Add salt and pepper now (not before!).

5. Enjoy the most amazing eggs of your entire life.

Now I havent done the full on breakfast like he does in the video, but I plan to get me some tomatoes, mushrooms, and a bit of sourdough for the weekends when I have more time too.

So thank you mom for making these on the weekends. And thank you Gordon Ramsey for inspiring the best scrambled eggs of your life.




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