Sunday, March 11, 2012


This weekend was chalk full of family fun celebrating my parents 50th birthdays with everyone. Today while everyone met again for brunch, I was the only one without a significant other. Now, well this doesn't usually bother me just felt like my Mr. Boyfriend was missing. The feeling always seems to come around with family events, because he would fit right in like an old shoe...and I am the only single cousin left and can feel my parents breathing down my neck about it. I wasn't thinking about it as much as they were apparently, since everyone kept asking me about him- its like they sense this false uncomfortable feeling they assume I must be feeling being "The only single one! And at 26! Oh my!" Maybe what they mistook for discomfort was really the deep deep void one feels when their love is 5654 miles away. Of course I miss him...its like I'm suffocating when he isn't around or I don't talk to him. But sadly one just gets used to it. The "missing" is so deep it's just always in the background of every place you go, everything you do, every couple you see. To the point that when you are finally reunited with your love, it finally feels like you can breathe again. Like you had no idea all this time everything was in black and white, because suddenly color has made life come alive. 

So yes, I miss Mr. Boyfriend. And yes, it manages to come more into focus when you point it out or when I see couples doing anything together. But really, I always miss him. In a way no one can really understand unless they've also done the long distance game. 

Only 8 weeks until I see him though! And the countdown is what keeps you sane. 



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