Monday, March 05, 2012

Unemployment Whoopie Pies

I have been wanting to make Whoopie Pies for a few years as soon as I saw them on a blog and died of cuteness. However, I found the recipes to be more time consuming then I usually am able to allot for baking (and I get bored after too long) and filled with a few odd ingredients I never wanted to buy. SO when I found a $3 Lemon Whoopie Pie Kit at Home Goods where you only had to add oil, powdered sugar, an egg, and some milk I was IN. I already had all the other ingredients! Therefore it was in the category for an "Unemployment" baked good. They had a few other cheap kits for fun things to make I might stop by and get some more!

Stop by your local Home Goods to try and find yourself a $3 kit if you're unemployed like me, OR order one off Amazon. Or homemake your own! There is also a vegan recipe that looks lovely.

This is all you need!

Mix yoself up some whoopie.

YOU DO NOT NEED A SPECIAL PAN to make whoopie pies! Just put down some parchment or wax paper and little 1 TB scoops on each pan. After they were done I matched weird shaped ones with other weird ones so they could be friends match.

 Voila! Deliciousness! I made these for my dads 50th birthday today! They are almost already gone!

"I love baking and talking to my bf on the phone at the same time! Unemployment didn't completely suck today!"

So go make some whoopie!



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