Sunday, March 04, 2012

To Live.

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I was telling boyfriend last night as he drunkenly skyped with me after getting home from a party where he didn't let the girls hit on him (drunken skypes with your hot boyfriend are pretty much my favorite thing) about the budget I worked on if I get the jobs I am waiting to hear from. I figured out my expenses and then how much I'd be able to pay off on my debt or save each month so I could move out and therefore how many months until I could move out and have everything in order. It was about 5-6 months which I told him is perfect timing for when he'll be moved back into the US. Whether or not he's in southern California, we'll want privacy when we're together anyway. And he'll need time to get his life back in the US in order after not living here for 5 years so I don't think his place will be suitable for a lady like girlfriend to stay at for awhile. Although, a bed with clean sheets is a bed. 

Anyway, we were talking about it when he asked the question.

"So, I know you don't want to do the living together before getting married thing...but I've been thinking and I will basically have free rent because of the you know thats always an option. But then we would never get anything productive done hahaha"

There was more. But that was the jist. 

So YEAH my boyfriend pretty much just asked me to live with him.

As of right now, I am still not into the living together before being married thing...mostly just because my parents would be really upset about it and probably give me no money or support me getting married after that and I just would rather not deal with it. Its not like I need to live with him so it seems silly. Plus the bigger question, um HELLO isn't that a bit quick? Well, it doesn't feel like it for us...but in the real world where everyone else lives it would be ridiculous. And I don't want to mess things up between us, I'd rather do our thing separately and spend more time together and then just get married like normal people. Although, I've been noticing how "abnormal" all couples really are these days. And really, I should just be able to do what I want at 26 years old. Let's just say I am not opposed to the idea and I think if we were engaged and had a wedding planned I would be more then happy to do it, but otherwise whats the point?

Either way it was pretty flattering. Now not only does my ex-player no longer engage with girls at the club, but he's asking me to live with him in the near future? And then proceeded to send me the link of the studio he wants to take pictures of the two of us when we're visiting his family in Mississippi?

A definite keeper. 



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