Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Part Time Blues.

Well my new boss called today to say "Yay! Your background check is done! But we're still trying to find you a desk and computer so you won't start until Monday. OH...and you are going to be part time. At least for the first few weeks."

Since I've already freaked out about the relatively crappy pay and then again about money recently looking at my account balance vs. my bills for the rest of the month...this didn't sit well with me. Luckily we both made it clear that it was short term thing, she understood my concern (ESPECIALLY since they had initially told me full time!), and said it would probably only be for about 3 weeks. Brother further explained to me that it kind of makes sense since the first few weeks are just going to be intensive training anyway. But I just turned down a nanny position for $20 cash per hour...so sneaking this in there after I took the job was a bit of a low blow. AND from the first lunch I ever had with my now boss to my start date on Monday will be a month. So I am frustrated. And genuinely stressed about money and how to afford all these bills...the wedding I'm in...gas...food...even the basics I can't really cover. It's so stressful.

I decided to continue my new exercise regime today to deal with the stress (what? not eat and drink your troubles away?! Blasphemy!) which is going well. I decided just to do things I like and can do in an hour or less so when I start work I can do it in the morning. I take Bella for a walk just for vitamin D, fresh air, and it gets my heart rate up a bit so I can stretch and do some yoga real good afterwards. Then I am just doing 3 arm exercises 3 sets each one day, or 3 legs, back, etc. Done and done. Not too difficult. Except I was going to attempt the P90X leg/back routine today and literally laughed at the first exercise. I believe my words were, "Im not doing this shit!" so I turned it off and just did some lunges and squats. Can barely walk now- therefore I was correct in my assumption that P90X would have been WAY too hard. GOAL: lose 10 lbs in 8 weeks so I can be even a little under the weight Mr. Boyfriend met me at, AND be even better at sex since Ill be in better shape! Oh you know me, everything always comes down to being about sex doesn't it.



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