Monday, March 12, 2012


OH MAN long distance can suck sometimes, as I mentioned yesterday, OR sometimes it can be so so sweet! Received a surprise package from Mr. Boyfriend today containing wine, mini baguette crackers, nuts, chocolate, and an olive tapenade! His little note said something to the tune of, "To celebrate your new job with...I'm so happy for you!".

Now, lets just say Mr. Boyfriend and I don't work out. Something horrible happens and we have to part ways (my chest feels like its caving in just thinking about it). All the same, future men have quite the gentleman to compete with. Sending me romantic presents all the time? Are you kidding? 

I want to keep him!

And as I stress about how in the world I am supposed to pay more bills this month and afford wedding shenanigans for my friend, with my pretty much empty bank account- I feel that wine and a phone date with the love of my life tonight are just what the doctor ordered. I need more booze in my life to deal with stress. Seriously. 

OH! I started a new exercise and healthy eating regime today! Stemmed from "Oh shit, you're seeing Mr. Boyfriend in two months? Pretty sure you've gained at least 10lbs. Dammit." Plus my skin is really angry about something. 



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