Thursday, March 08, 2012

Goodbye Unemployment.

Well it finally happened!

Today I got an official offer from an awesome internet software company! My brother really hooked it up, and I will be going in as a full time paid intern working with this fantastic woman. The idea is to get me trained on the technology (hopefully within a few months) and help them out with a few projects in the process. Then I should be able to move up into (hopefully) product management.

It's scary transitioning from teaching into something I've never done before. To be perfectly honest, I'm having a hard time sleeping because I'm so worried. What if I don't like it and regret changing careers? What if I'm not good at it and they don't like me? Annie "tried" to ease my worries with "Well there's probably going to be a few month period where you don't like it and want to quit/go home and cry everyday after work, but it'll get better!" Isn't she so helpful? Ha. However, I didn't feel like that when I was SO stressed at my last new job in Slovakia, in fact I was freakishly perky and hyped up everyday for the first few months. I'm surprised my co-workers didn't think I was crazy actually. With this job I do think the first few months of the internship will be difficult since its so different from what I was doing before. But if I can master the basics of understanding the technology stuff, then I get to move into a product manager position where I am mostly working with their all the different major corporation clientele. It would be working with people, doing presentations, teaching, etc. All the things I am good at! So its not quite as scary of a jump as it could be, but the transition gets me nervy. 

Filled out all the paperwork and scanned it back to them so they can do my background check and hopefully get me in there to start next week! The pay isn't very good according to my standards, but according to a paid intern standards its like a miracle and more then I made subbing so I'm not complaining. AND I still get to go visit Mr. Boyfriend and meet his family in May without any vacation issues since I'm just hourly. 

So life takes me in an entirely other direction once again, but I am just so excited about it! And to top it off Mr. Boyfriend is just so proud of me and adores that I am so driven and hard working. I suppose I find it really encourages me to step out of my comfort zone a bit knowing hes on my team rooting for me. 

It's all happening!



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