Friday, March 02, 2012

Secrets Out.

Well, surprise! I've been secretly working on collecting my writings from the past few years into a book of some kind and am hoping some lovely person will publish it. As I edit and put things together in the evenings while chatting with Mr. Boyfriend while he's at work...some of the secrets have come out. Well, like all of them. Every ridiculous story and every boy experience I just finally ended up telling him about. It's been over the last few weeks and they're so funny looking back we just laugh and laugh, but it wasn't easy to tell him. No one wants to tell the man they'd potentially like to marry how many men they've slept with... or about that one time they peed in a gutter. But as I am getting closer to having it sent in to potential publishers (eeeee!) I knew it was better he knew everything now instead of having to awkwardly read it later.

Plus, I don't mean to brag...but boyfriends kiiiind of amazing. Luckily the snippets of his past he ventured to tell me are SO much worse then even my worst stories. Seriously, boys are gross. Especially when you're in love with a beautiful ex-player. More importantly, it's really just been more like telling my best friend about my life. He doesn't judge me...just laughs generally at how silly my adventures have been...and thinks I'm cute for being so self conscious about it. "Seriously, THAT'S what you're embarrassed about? Oh jeez could I tell you some stories...".

I haven't revealed the blog to him yet though. I like having a safe place to write without thinking he's always reading it, and can share when I feel like I'm ready. But he is definitely the first man I am not horrified at the idea of showing. We are and have been so honest with each other about everything I don't really have any secrets to even worry about keeping. And what may be better is that even things on here about him he encourages me to keep in the book copy! "You have to include everything babe, I dont care, and otherwise it isn't the whole story!"

What am I supposed to do with this guy?!



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