Monday, July 25, 2011

A Dream.

What is it about that person. Every time you are with them things go fuzzy around the edges, no one else exists, and it feels like your chest is going to explode from happiness for no apparent reason. Is it even real? I am beginning to feel like last Monday with PAG was a dream. That our entire epic few week winter romance and post long distance late night conversations weren't even real at all. Sometimes I have to read old posts on here to even believe that everything happened in real life. 

The up's and down's of actually letting yourself care about someone is exhausting (hello and welcome to my life), but damn is it worth it. Since I am learning that real love is much deeper and takes longer to build then the dreamy fuzzy feelings I typically attribute to being in love, lets just say that passion and romance. And exploding hearts. And kisses in the rain. And waking up with someones arms around you kissing the back of your neck. And melting when he looks at you and tells you you're beautiful. And that smile when he texts you that he misses you. 
Are Worth It. 

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