Friday, July 15, 2011


Have to admit, its been strange being home. Strange and wonderful I guess.

Strange because my insides have changed but no one here really knows.

Strange because some of my friends read my blog and hear my stories and think they know me, but really have no idea. And don't really care to.

I've been feeling judged by the little comments and snips at my new lifestyle while everyone appears to ignore that after a year of shit (and potentially another year of shit to come), I am the HAPPIEST I have ever been.

I come home to my family being a bit of a mother quite seriously potentially getting sick again in a few dog is a everything...everyone wanting to see me at once and everything in English all at once and I am OVERWHELMED.

I guess I left my little dream land in Bratislava and am back to reality here.

But eating a burrito at the beach and digging my toes into the sand WAS quite wonderful. And snuggling with Bella and my mom at night makes my life.

Love from San Diego.

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