Tuesday, July 05, 2011


A typical evening down the street at a nice bar/restaurant with my friends drinking and celebrating a friend. We were having a really really nice time celebrating with our friend: me, roomie, her bf, and Z...plus a few strangers who were nice and fun enough.

We were there for quite awhile when suddenly Z decided to turn the conversation for the ENTIRE table of mixed company to focus on: my boobs. Anything he could have talked about regarding them, he pretty much did. At first I just laughed because we were all drinking and it was mostly my close friends...but then he just kept going and going...ignored how uncomfortable I was with the mixed group and my requests to talk about something else and just kept going. I was so embarrassed because it was so inappropriate.

Just now as we walked home I pulled him aside and said, "hey- so next time we're in mixed company, could you not talk about my boobs? I don't care with these guys (our friends) but I didn't even know those other people."

He tried to beat around the bush but I wouldn't let him, and made him promise not to do it again.

I mean, I love my boobs. And I love attention. But the two don't go together in a way that makes any normal girl comfortable.

What's even more annoying is that there was a nice single northern Italian guy there who I would have loved to flirt with, but Z hogged my attention all night I could hardly talk to the guy. And for what? Because "he doesn't like me"? Who votes he doesn't know what he wants but likes my attention? ME.

And its now TUESDAY. A week until I go home. Still haven't heard from birthday boy since Friday.

Despite these double D's, still pretty single.

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