Saturday, July 02, 2011

The Tables Turn.

lets dance.

Last night after feeling sorry for myself for awhile, I met up with my real friends at our usual Primi. I walked in and who was there?! Z of course. It wasn't awkward...until later. At first it was just 4 of us, and then slowly more and more of our friends started arriving and soon we had a table right by the dance floor and were all dancing together around it for hours and hours!

Highlights include: Z flirting SO much with one of my really good girl friends here who knows our entire situation and felt so awkward the entire time. When we went to the bathroom she asked me "so he's doing this to make you jealous, right?". It was ridiculous. He kind of just ignored me the entire night actually. I had 2 other friends who were kind of pairing up too, so then there was just me. Quickly I got bored and sad  and wanted to go home and cry...but I decided to just keep drinking, dancing, ignore him, be happy and eventually who showed up?

Birthday Boy!

Beautiful birthday boy. Remember him? Made out secretly last weekend at his birthday while Z was also hitting on me and I was very confused. Birthday boy is either very smooth or really likes me and its so cute.  We danced all sexy and were kissing on the dance floor (yeah, sometimes that happens)...I could feel Z watching and then later pulled me close to him and said "I'm sorry" but couldn't explain what for. So Z is clearly a crazy person and I am not going to play games with him anymore. I felt like crap the entire night watching him pay all the attention he used to pay me, to my friend who isn't even into him and felt awkward. And when I finally had a lovely boy who was so excited to dance with me, I had to suddenly deal with Z's bullshit again, really?

Micah mentioned the other night while chatting, "so whats with all your boyfriends?"

Oh, isn't it true. Good Lord.

But really, I don't have a boyfriend. And thats kind of the problem. I just have these random guys who want to hook up, and I'm trying to maneuver my way through it all. It's exhausting.

Big plans today of watching French movies and HBO miniseries while snuggling with myself recovering from 2 nights out. Schools out for the summer!!!

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