Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Well, It Was About Time...

Monday night when PAG still hadn't made plans to spend time with me and I had hardly heard from him, someone may have freaked out, sat in bed and journaled and cried, drank, then texted Annie "why doesn't he love me?". To which she about you come hang out with she sat there while I bitched about WHY he is being such a jerk face. I'm not sure what the world would do without the Annie's. 

Tuesday I had reasoned we were done, I decided not to be depressed and took myself to the library (which is full of weird people, btw), when all of a sudden...PAG is trying to gchat video with me?! 

Cue surprise and confusion.

Basically he was being all cute and flirty and sweet, "just wanted to see my face", wanted to make sure Im not hanging out with other boys, and apologized for being so busy this last week. 
He asked if I was free later and said he would try and see me then if he could. 

Talk about being confused. And freaked out since the "I'm too busy for you" conversation spread out over a YEAR with the EX left some serious scars. 

However, around 9p he calls to see what I'm up to because he's in the area and wanted to stop by and say hello. I was at Annie's (wasn't going to wait around for his ass) and told him to come by since she just lives down the block and was going to bed anyway. Cute car make out--high school style--some catching up, then I was in tow to his house for another night of kissing and cuddling. I wanted to talk to him about some serious things...but we were both tired and...kind of it will have to wait I guess.

PS Annie gave me some sound advice in regards to me and PAG. Because...since I actually like him...and since he actually likes me...we tend to get a little crazy. 
"I just feel like you both need to calm down, you need to not tell him about any other men and he needs to not go MIA all the damn time". 
Sound advice, Annie, sound advice. 

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