Saturday, July 23, 2011

Favorite Things: Pinterest

Ok, so I have been on the pinterest bandwagon for quite awhile. Back when she was just a little baby beta pinterest and you had to request an invite and such, but I found that I liked posting things on my blog better so I only did a few things and then let up to focus on the bloggy blog.


I can't possibly blog all of my favorite things I come across, often they just end up bookmarked in my browser and sadly forgotten about. Plus, all of a sudden I come home and everyone whose anyone is obsessed with pinterest and now I have people I actually know on there! So fun!

So all of that to say, although I'll still be posting pretty things and favorite things on here- join me on pinterest! I promise you'll love it!



PS oddly enough many of my recent pins have been wedding based...such a weirdo.

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