Monday, July 11, 2011

Am I Allowed To Do This?

No surprise, birthday boy couldn't find time to see me today.

But you know who DID?


Yeah, Africa came by today after a fancy shmancy interview to say good bye to me and I wanted to hear about how his interview went. He was so sweet with me and it was so nice to see him it didn't even feel weird when he kissed me properly on his way out.

And he INSISTED on waking up with me at the crack of dawn and helping me carry my bag to the bus station. I kept telling him "no no no, really I can manage" but he really insisted and how could I say no to my sexy ex lover in a suit?

Sooooo Africa is coming over tonight to sleep and then wake up with me at like 3a to go to the bus station that will take me to the airport.

I think he might actually like me and is trying to woo me again.

But here's the thing...

I keep feeling like a floozy for sleeping with these different guys. Am I allowed to have semi sex with one guy on Friday, and then (probably) another one on Monday? Granted, both boys I know pretty well and are my friends already. But isn't this a little skanky? I just don't know anymore. I am always so in the moment, I forget about anyone else besides the person I am with until later when I go...hmmm, was that not ok? I really don't know. Someones sense of judgement has gotten rather skewed.

However, at the same time. We are all in this really weird time in our life. Everyone is moving around and doing their thing, I'll meet these really great guys but I am only here for 6 months...or a year...or whatever...and they are only stationed here for a few months, or just interviewed for a job that would move them to another country, etc.
So what do you do?

Just enjoy the time you have. 

Not sure what else there is to do.

Besides to ALWAYS wear a condom and get regular check ups. hehe.

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