Sunday, January 01, 2012

2012. The Year of LOVE.


Welcome to 2012!

My welcoming of 2012 was pretty quiet this year, which I was oddly perfectly fine with. Happy as a clam to just snuggle with some of my favorite girls in the world eating too much and wheezing due to laughter while playing cards. Fun, easy, and relaxing. Next year hopefully I'll have money and can make it to vegas or will live downtown for something fun down there, but for now I was perfectly happy to just relax with loved that I missed very much.

I've decided that 2012 is the year of LOVE!!!

I have 5 weddings to go to so far, one of which I am in, and one of which they just got engaged last night (so exciting!). Don't tell...but I feel a little bad for the brides since at this point its difficult for me to continue to get excited about the dresses, flowers, colors, location, ring, etc. I've been talking about it and seeing pinterest boards for them SO much thus far it's almost just standard convo at this point. But I will say that all of this wedding and marriage business has me really happy about not having to plan a wedding right now...or in the near future really. I had a great time looking at the location with the bride for the wedding I am in...but became SO glad I wasn't her and had to plan all of that. It might be that things in my life have been extremely stressful the last 2 years so the idea of planning a wedding, getting all our shit together, and committing myself forever to someone is just WAY too overwhelming. Or it might be me trying to secretly convince myself I don't want to be getting married when secretly I am just jealous. Or just a mix of both? No idea.

But I am happy to report that someone has entered the "I cant stop thinking about him!" phase of the relationship-thing. Unfortunately the mix of not working and being on holiday with too much time to think...not getting to talk to him as much because we're both busy...and the anticipation of his visit has me questioning all kinds of things and being all crazy when left alone for too long. I'm calming down slowly as well as simultaneously getting more and more nervous about his impending arrival. But since we're so close with each other now, I wonder if once I am with him again it will feel more like home than ever.

Tomorrow is the last day to get everything done before our three amazing days together!

Such a precious way to start the new year.

So here is to 2012, the year of LOVE. For all of my dear friends celebrating their love through marriage with their chosen favorites. To all of my loved I am so happy to be living near again. And to wish me and all my other single girls lots of luck in maybe falling for a good one. NOT in finding the fictitious "Mr. Right" we've all made up in our heads where we finally meet him, fall in love, and get married...but just luck in falling in love with whoever makes your heart sing.



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