Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Look: Work Shoes

I've realized lately I've been dressing a bit too casually for work. It was different when I taught kindergarten so I could wear whatever was comfortable and washable...and then for 5th grade it was winter so a skirt, leggings, flats, and a decent top seemed to work. Or my few nice work dresses with leggings and flats seemed fine. And it was. When you have a contract you can wear whatever, in fact I looked better then most. But now we're back to finding a job and securing it, so I kind of have to up the ante a bit. And I'd like to be MEMORABLE for always looking good so as to attract employers. Plus...I've noticed that dressing up is a sure fire way for getting things DONE in the world. I always get helped first, asked if I need help, quick service...and in the work world people take you much more seriously male or female.

So, I have two pairs of low heeled shoes I can wear for work but they're rather old and I'd like some variety so I've been perusing. Taking a cue from Joan Holloway again (and my poor on-my-feet-all-day soles) lower heels are the way to go.

Step one: Shoes

For summer and spring dresses and skirts, won't rub the heel!

How darling are these?! I imagine them with a black pencil and billowly polka dot top!

Baaaasically my favorite kind of show but with a little heel! Sign me up!

Add some of these to the list of things to get when that permanent position is secured. Any day now...I can feel it. 

Stay tuned for Step Two: Apparel 



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