Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Oh hey lady, why aren't you spending the day watching movies naked in bed with your favorite lover? Oh, is it because you woke up this morning to him calling to say the person who was supposed to wake him up didn't and he missed his flight? Oh and the only other one he had to drive 3 more hours to get to and wouldn't be into San Diego until 9:25PM? Oh, and then somehow "his dad" helped him rebook the flight and ended up accidentally choosing LAX so now I have to drive 2 hours up and then 3 hours back down to downtown SD afterwards? Oh, awesome.

HUGE RED FLAG of him blaming everyone else for any problems and not doing things for himself. If one of my students came in and said "oh my mom didn't wake me up, sorry" I'd LAUGH in their face and then ask why they didn't set their own damn alarm clocks like everyone else. I know he's the baby of the family, but this is ridiculous. If it was some kind of weather or serious issue and this happened I wouldn't even care...but there has to be someone to blame other then just random occurrences here.

He feels horrible putting me out and losing time with me and I know his travel day just got 10x longer so I kind of feel like he's getting what he deserves for over sleeping...but come on, man the fuck up and set your own alarm and buy your own fucking ticket. Good Lord.

Welp, better go get ready for epic LA drive 2012!




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