Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Country Summer.

So my man and I are planning our next rendezvous, which looks like will be in the SOUTH in the SUMMER so I can meet his family and be his date for his brothers wedding which he is the best man for. While I am throughly enchanted by how excited he is for me to meet his family and see where he is from...somehow spending some SUMMER in the SOUTH feels like a recipe for disaster for my fussy socal genes.

So obviously I started pretend shopping...

The average high for June and July is 90+ with I am assuming 100% humidity (kill me now) and they are definitely more casual and conservative down there then we are here (bye bye leopard print flats), plus I have to make a good impression on the family. To me, all of this spells two words: COTTON DRESSES.

all above via target

All paired with THESE

It's hard for me to veer away from my natural style of little prints and patterns...and random weird accessories. I am a city girl through and through. BUT a little vacation to the country getting to be the hot new girlfriend on my mans arm IS appealing if I still get to wear little, but conservative dresses, and some heels. Maybe I'll fish tail braid my hair and throw in a flower too- just for an overall effect. 

NOTE: I did make my bf promise we would NEVER live there. Oh, the stories I've heard! So I can at least survive a few days. 

Oh yeah, and I am WELL aware January isn't even over and I am already gushing about summer. Such is the life of a long distance lover...



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