Friday, January 06, 2012

The Whirlwind.

Whirlwind. Romance. 

Oh, where to even begin. 

I dropped off my favorite this morning at the airport, cried on the way home a bit and slept the rest of the day only awaking to hear he got in ok to all of his stops. And that he missed me already- of course.

But now I am getting ahead of myself, lets start from the very beginning. 

I was frustrated with him for missing his flight in the morning and then not double checking and flying into LA instead of SD...but even more so when I found out the reason he was late was that the mother of his child was to drive him to the airport that morning and be his alarm clock- OBVIOUSLY she did not wake him up and then he missed his flight. I was NOT happy and we had to have a talk about trusting crazy with ANYTHING. Good Lord. (Another highlight was when she STALKED hotels in socal trying to get ahold of him because she "needed the babies insurance card" which was where it always was...And why couldn't she call his cell phone? Her endeavor was complete with a FB message to ME about this too...I've never even talked to the lady! Boundaries?) 

Anyway, I made sure I looked like I just walked off a movie set when I picked him up, obvi, and the reunion was just...well, perfect. I had thought maybe there would be weirdness between us because we haven't seen each other in so long, but it ended up feeling just the opposite. It was like no time had passed at all. Like we had just been in Bratislava together the other day and we picked up right where we left off. AND we got to be that pretty couple in the airport kissing which I didn't even think about at the time, but bonus! When we were about 30min away I asked him to check the hotel to make sure our reservation was still good before we drove the rest of the way...something may have happened and we ended up standing outside a Starbucks freezing cold (in my slutty "picking up your long distance semi-boyfriend" in the airport dress of course) trying to pick up wifi so we could find the hotel number. I was in charge of ONE thing. ONE thing only. Making sure we got to the hotel. And since the Marriott and Courtyard-Marriott pretty much have the same stupid name I fucked it all up and we ended up staying at a decent inn close to my parents house for the first night. It ended up being ok since we were both tired and didn't loose too much money out of it or anything. And through all of this, I have to say we did pretty damn well. Both of us are super easy going and just want to be together so although we were tired and just wanted to BE IN A BED we were both fine just figuring things out together. Plus, we couldn't really be fussy with each other anyway by then because we'd both messed up. 

When we finally got to our room we were so excited to be together we were just talking and talking and being all giddy we literally had to make ourselves stop laughing to be semi serious and have some sex. I played some of my favorite lovey dovey songs...we dimmed the lights...and I believe his words were, "this feels perfect". And it was. 

The next morning we attempted to sleep in but crazy woke us up by calling and there was no going to back to sleep then, plus there was a marathon of "Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal" on the OWN network and we both got SO into it we ended up watching it ALL morning together having the best time teasing the people on the show, analyzing them, and figuring out what would happen next in all of the stories. Oh seriously, we watched like 5 of those suckers I think, even while he brought me up some of the free breakfast so we could eat together in our room, totally were still watching. After we checked out I took him to get In N Out and to my local beach to eat was beautiful out and we were walking and so romanticle and happy. Neither of us had been to the beach in forever, it was like a present. We still had a few hours to kill before the epic dinner with the rents so we went to the movies and snuggled all up watching Sherlock Holmes 2 

THEN it was "The Dinner" with the family. It ended up just being my parents and uncle and brother and no friends I guess. Mom made my favorite Puerto Rican food and I must say, it went absolutely wonderfully. They asked him the normal questions, he answered perfectly, and by the end we were joking with my parents in the kitchen while he and I did the dishes for everyone. Word on the street is that my family liked him and he liked everyone too- mission accomplished! 

Thursday we'd planned on going to the zoo or Sea World, but after the extra plane ticket he had to buy to come out here and you know my broke we lost pretty much an entire day obviously the natural choice was to stay in bed all day eating snacks and watching movies and having amazing sex in our big luxurious bed at our hotel downtown. The hotel was in a historical building from the 1920's, San Diego Bank and Trust, and it was SO SO COOL inside! It couldn't have been more perfect. We did break to get happy hour at House of Blues, which had a really good DJ and drink specials. Then we grabbed some Mexican food to eat back in our bed and stayed up almost all night not wanting to go to sleep and have to wake up to say good bye today. 


As always, here are some private ones I am willing to share...

-"every time I look at you, I say to myself 'wow, how did you manage to get this one'"
-"ahh why?"
-"come on, you're like a NINE, are you kidding?!"
(for the record, I totally look at him the EXACT same way)

...those precious moments when we were wrapped all up in each others arms whispering sweet or funny things to each other...I could tell he kept wanting to tell me he loved me. I KNOW RIGHT. He was hinting that he wanted me to say it first whenever I am ready so then he would know to do it, and I said no way Jose. Girls always know before boys do...we even know when YOU do, we're just waiting for you to figure out. He sneakily brought it up a few times but I didn't want him to tell me if he felt embarrassed or afraid...because then I feel like it doesn't count. I want him to be sure. And besides, I didn't trust my emotions after all those post-sex hormones and didn't want to confuse my excitement of seeing him and us not having much time together with feelings of love. It's there. I am just trying to be careful! 

...we already talk about our kids, wedding, and future together like its nbd. Usually we're just joking around, but HE brings it up and it never feels weird to talk about it. 

...our last night, all tangled up with each other...he asks:
" we have an official label now that I came out here and everything?"
"Well I dont know, thats up to you. You're the boy, you're supposed to make the moves"
quiet for a moment..."Ok then, -insert my name- Will you be my girlfriend?"

And boom, I have a boyfriend. 

cue exploding hearts!!!

It's funny excited and happy as I am, I am also relatively calm about the whole thing. It's just all so "well, yeah" to every step we take together. And since I have found this recent peace about my life cards of maybe being single for a long time and just doing my thing...everything thats happening with him are just these fantastic added bonuses. I get frustrated with him being so far away and am jealous of all the couples who get to live even on the same I get so overwhelmed by his marine life and where it will take him...or us...but whenever I tell him my fears he just holds me and says, "how about we just take it one step at a time and cross all those bridges when we get to them". And I know if we want to make it work, it will. It's odd how easy and hard everything is at the same time. 

So now the plan is for us to go to Mexico in the spring. Maybe a cruise out of here or to Cabo or somewhere where we can just relax and be together. I love us. 

So here is to romance! 2012 starting out with a bang!



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