Saturday, January 28, 2012


this fantastic image is on the cover of the amazing valentines gift I'm making for my new BOYFRIEND.

Ok, so we all know I am head over heels for Mr. Boyfriend (new upgraded name from birthday boy- I felt like it was time to move it on up). But SERIOUSLY, everyday I fall more and more for him. I'm just so twitterpated!


-Mr. Boyfriend sends me a song EVERYDAY for me to wake up to. They are almost always super romantic or sometimes funny country ones to make me laugh. I want to share with the world all the lovey songs because they are so sweet, but at the same time I know they are his little messages to me of how much he cares about me because its hard for him to express it himself (in fact, thats what he told me) therefore I feel like they're so private and precious.

-Please read with a touch of southern accent- "Sometimes I have a hard time telling you how I feel because I feel like such a creeper when I do! Like my heart is WAY ahead of things and my head is always telling it to calm down. My heart is like a chattering squirrel and my head is a grumpy old man. The two are always fighting."

-He's planning on me meeting his entire family over the summer at his brothers wedding and is SO EXCITED about it. But apparently in the south meeting the family isn't as big of a deal as it is for the rest of us...its considered pretty standard actually. But he keeps talking about showing me off to all his brothers and friends and ex girlfriends we're sure to see at the local bars (yeah, the south is different). I just love how excited he is about ME, like I am this precious treasure he wants to show to everyone.

-He found a cruise he wants to take me on in October. He'll be moving from Brazil to a new place (hopefully HERE) and wants to take 3-4 weeks of which spent with me on a super fancy Mexican cruise! He planned it all out with his military discount so we get the best room and amenities and then he found all these on shore excursions he thinks would be fun for us to do too- seriously, this is what he does in his free time and then tells me about it. I WANT TO KEEP HIM!

-He tells me how much he misses me and all the things he misses...insert sweet things "hearing your voie. looking into your beautiful eyes. randomly kissing you. brushing your hair away from your face. us laughing together for hours"- I mean come on, what am I supposed to DO with this guy? I just heart him so much!

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