Monday, January 30, 2012

We're in love! We're in love! And we don't care who knows it!


Mr. Boyfriend (aka birthday boy) and I were having quite the conversation today on chat (he was at work and I was doing like a million things, chat is so handy sometimes!)...he kept telling me how amazing and beautiful I, a lot. He usually does, but something about today had both of us extra expressive of our feelings. Then he sent me a song he'd been waiting to send...which he prefaced as being serious...Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts. Yeah, talk about it. So we were discussing how lucky we feel to have each other and how we've both been through a lot of shit and brokenness but that it led to each other. He discussed his commitment issues before me, but how he doesn't have any now. I asked why. He asks if he can call and explain. I say of course!

Me: Hey babe!
Mr. Boyfriend: Well, I wanted to tell you that the reason I don't have any issues now. Is because I am in love with you. 
Me: GASP! Oh my God! I wasn't expecting that! I thought you were just going to tell me a story! Oh my God! (and before he could start freaking out I made sure to add the)- well you know I love you very much too!

We gushed more after that and he's on his way home from work now, so probably more after that too, but OH MY!!!! We've theoretically talked about it a few times already, and I pretty much knew he did and was just waiting for him to figure it out/be ready enough to finally tell me. We apparently both knew when he visited but didn't want to say it just based on the excitement of being with each other feelings so we both, without the other knowing, decided to wait. He wanted to wait until we were together...and I wish we could have too, but it just wasn't going to happen- we couldn't wait any longer!

I KNEW 2012 was the year of LOVE!!!

Ok, time to go gush in my personal journal too- I feel like my heart is going to explode everywhere!!!

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