Saturday, January 01, 2011

3 Points For CRAZY.

"Crazy Woman With Cats" -Pablo Picasso

Isn't it sad that I am constantly on edge that Postal Annex Guy (PAG) is just going to disappear and fall off the face of the earth like all of the previous men in my life?

If I don't hear from him after a few hours or if he said he was going to come over and its just a little later then I thought it would be I automatically start to assume,

Oh well thats it, he doesn't like me anymore,  he's gone forever...

HOW AWFUL that the men I have previously dated have left such deep wounds that I essentially freak out inside every time something minor happens. For instance, yesterday he left my apt at 6am for work and was supposed to be back at 11 so we could make out and snuggle before my parents came at noon to help us move. By 11:30 when I hadn't heard from him I started to panic a little. I just texted him and he said, on my way gorgeous. One point for CRAZY. Then we spent the entire day together while he helped me move...but I literally kept waiting for him to get sick of me and find an excuse to leave. Especially because I know how little sleep he got the night before and how tired he was. But instead, he just kept sneaking kisses and sneaking ass grabs...telling me I'm pretty. And of course hung out with my family for the rest of the evening?! Then texted me later to make sure I was home ok and to wish me a happy new year?! All of this not for sex and he is well aware that I leave in a few days for 6 months.

So now I haven't heard from him all day...which is odd considering he is usually so attentive with texting and calling me during the day. But I know he is with his family so I need to calm the fuck down. PLUS last night amongst the New Years Eve texts came the "can't wait for our picnic on Sunday" texts. So clearly he hasn't disowned me between last night and tonight. And clearly we now have 3 points for CRAZY.

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