Sunday, January 02, 2011

Now, Are We Crazy or Correct?

I kept waking up last night to check my phone to see if Postal Annex Guy (PAG) texted me back or no avail. Finally this morning around 9am I called him to see if we were still going on a picnic today or what the plan was...I didn't get a chance to leave a message because he texted me right away "text you back soon". So I waited...and waited...and then it was 2pm and I started freaking out again. Not only have I now not heard from him since midnight on NYE, but he BROKE OUR PLANS for a date today! So I texted him again..."Is everything ok? I kind of thought we'd be picnicking about now...miss you". And have STILL HEARD NOTHING and its...5pm.

It could be an array of serious things, he has a huge family so anything could have happened or he needed to change plans...but to not call or text me or ANYTHING?!

That's just rude.

My anxiety level is the highest it ever gets. I was trying to keep busy all day helping my mom clean our dirty house and grocery shop and cook and stuff...But now I am drinking wine and sitting in bed to try and relax. I might cry. The LAST man I ever thought would pull this shit with me...appears to be doing the very thing I feared the most.

He always texts and calls me during the day...what could have possibly changed between midnight on Friday and today? And whats worse is that now Im back my parents so they keep asking me...Whats PAG doing today? I thought you guys were hanging out today? Did he call yet? Whats wrong? 

I miss my hot single girl apartment.

I feel like Im crawling out of my skin.

I hate this.

I guess it was part of the deal.

Ugh men.

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