Sunday, January 09, 2011

Room Redecorating: Vanity + Walls.

The room redecorating has begun and as its 2am and I can't sleep anymore (thats what happens when jet lag makes you fall asleep at 7p) it is time for a sneak peek at the little happenings I have been working on to make my room more amazing me.

You may remember upon arrival this is what I'm dealing with here.


Right away I knew the TV had to go since we don't even have cable and if we did it would all be in Slovak. So I decided to make myself a little vanity.

Vanity Sneak Peek:

It's not done yet, I still need a mirror, but I scoured our cupboards for old jars that they were saving for recycling and just washed off the labels and they made perfect and cute brush/Q tip holders. Then found pretty plates and tea cups we weren't really using to old hair supplies, jewelry, and makeup. The plate for my makeup isn't big enough so I am going to keep an eye out at little shops for something else that I could take home as a souvenir maybe too. 

After I get the mirror I'll show you the final result!

Walls Sneak Peek:

Predicament: What to do with 4 white concrete walls in a tiny room reminiscent of a jail cell?

Before leaving I threw pretty thread and ribbon plus mini clothes pins and all of my favorite post card size pictures into a little box to be brought here. I didn't know I wouldn't be able to pin or nail things into the walls because the concrete is ridiculous, but luckily there were already nails randomly around the walls that I just strung the lines from. The end result makes my heart sing.

Now I am on the look out for pretty posters or prints I can put up to fill in some of the blank spaces that are still lingering. I am contemplating just buying some canvases and doing something myself...but I keep forgetting I am going back to work tomorrow, theres an actual night life here (no time for craft projects!), and I am in the part of the world where finding beautiful art prints is like stealing candy from a baby.

Next weekend is the big Ikea bed spread and sheets...hangers so you can actually see what my room looks like without clothes piled everywhere...and maybe even a new window treatment because DAMN the current one is painful.

Love from Slovakia!

Harper Lane

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