Saturday, January 22, 2011

Flat Update

First of all, I apologize again for being a failure of a blogger and not posting very much lately. But seriously, I am working SO much at this new job and trying to get settled, make new friends, and stay in contact with everyone back home. I am just exhausted all the time. But I am trying. At least every weekend you will get a good update until I get my schedule fine tuned. 

Sooooo I was talking to our new director last night who was in shock that we lived so far away from the city center, its 20min by bus, but we have a little town of sorts around us with grocery stores, bars, a gym, cafe, nice restaurant, etc. I told him that when I came I asked to be in the city center and our HR girl (who recently got let go, ahem) said that either I could live alone not in the city center, or where I am now with friends but also not in the city center. So I asked him if thats true, and he said absolutely not. That I could totally live in the city center somewhere and to just ask the receptionist to find something for me. So I am thinking of moving...

I would have to live alone, which seemed unappealing at first, but now that I know the city better and am much more independent then I was even when I first told them where I wanted to live a few months ago, and have seen the other apartments that are all brand new inside and SUPER is sounding more and more awesome. Plus, after a long ass day I find I dont always want to hang out with anyone. A lot of nights I just hit the gym, make dinner, and sit in my room and work more or talk to friends online. I would probably get an apartment much more modern and would be able to walk and be at any amount of cafes, restaurants, malls, and cultural places. I think I'd get to meet cool new people too...still having a hard time connecting with anyone at work or my roomies. For instance, they have now seen both The Social Network and Black Swan and didn't like either of them. Plus, they continue to play this horrible music around the house, talk SO MUCH about work and school, one of them has a boyfriend here who makes me sad because I miss my PAG, and we just have nothing in common. We get along fine, no issues there...but whats so appealing about living on the outskirts of a city in an old outdated apartment with 2 roomies your only eh about? So maybe Ill ask about it on Monday. Even though I know my parents are going to FREAK OUT about the idea of me living alone. But this is seriously the safest city I have been to in all of my travels, I feel safer here then even Paris or Rome. Ill be fine. 

Anyway, we are supposed to venture to Ikea today...but I think I may end up going alone since its already 1p and none of us have emerged from our pajamas yet. 

Here are some photos of the progress on my flat so far...

This table and chairs are probably my favorite things we have. They are so cute! I added the flower and we are going to get a cute new table cloth for it too.  

Most days the back of our kitchen looks like this. It sucks. We want to get pretty curtains to cover it with. 

My room in progress. I just need a new duvet/sheet set, curtains, and a mirror. 

I'd like to get something to go under the strings of post cards too. Hoping to find a lovely poster of sorts in Vienna when I get the chance to go. 

But now I am wondering if I should even bother redecorating and just move to a new place thats already cute and modern? hmm...

But for now I HATE so many aspects of my room that its driving me crazy! I miss my pretty stuff at home I've collected over the years. This is why I want it to be awesome when I get back to my room here each night so I like it here and don't just miss home half the time.

Thoughts? Ideas? 

Love from Slovakia,
Harper Lane

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