Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pretty Things for a Pretty Sunday.

Today was a GORGEOUS day in Bratislava, Slovakia. Not a cloud in the sky and in the 50s so you only needed a light jacket. I had big plans to sleep in, clean the apartment, make a pot of beans for the week, and maybe craft. But instead I accidentally woke up early and lazed about with my windows open and the sweet succulent sun drenching my body, then ventured to the store down the street to get a few groceries I forgot I needed for the beans. All of Bratislava was out with their kids and dogs enjoying the sunshine- it was precious. However, my sparkly shirt drew a lot of attention while walking to the store, it was kind of funny.

After I got my groceries I spent the day in and out of the kitchen making the beans, catching up on my blog reading, cleaning the apartment, and then napping. Twas a perfect Sunday indeed.

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