Sunday, January 09, 2011

First Days Slovakia...

Oh I am just LOVING it here! I just keep telling my room mates "Its so beautiful here! I just love it!" and they smile and nod and laugh like "well yeah, we told you!". The ride to our school today was just gorgeous...we ride everyday along the Danube river where you can throw a stone at Austria on the other side, and were surrounded by big green hills filled with all of these cute little houses with smoke billowing out of their chimneys. Even though its grey out, its not too cold and the grey leaves this super fancy mist all around...I just die for it all. Seriously, die. 

Ok, on to the pictures I know you've all been waiting for. If you follow my travel blog too, you might get some repetition here and today...but this blog is always 10x better so if I were you...I would just click the little "follow" button on the right and we will forever be friends. 

Come and see my new home...

Here is my future classroom!

I'm in charge of children now?!

My room mate Jackies classroom

The kids eat these little honey flavored sweet bear cakes for snacks, so stinking cute!

My other roomie and friend from college in her 4th grade classroom

My new school!!!

 (UGH still need to lose some holiday weight+layers= GROSS)

Then we had dinner at this super nice restaurant next to the school with some of the other teachers. SO GOOD and so cheap! Nicer then most restaurants I've been to in Europe for sure.  
 yummy Kozel beer...1 euro, BOOM.
As you can see my penne pasta with some yummy sauce was so good it was gone VERY quickly. I got the entire bowl of pasta, beer, and water for like 5 euros. 

I just kept squealing the entire walk from our school to the bus stop...look how cute and pretty!

There is a really beautiful church, square, and old castle ruins right here too but we were carrying a lot of supplies and couldn't tomorrow after school I will try and snap some more. It gets dark at like 4p here during the winter so its a little tough, but I shall try.

I am not minding the cold, grey, or dark yet...the sun doesn't come up until 8a and goes down around 4p which is a little strange for me, but I've already gotten used to it. It does make you want to just be home and snuggle in after a day of being out though. We are going to try and hit the gym across the street the 2x a week we don't have social or work things to do to try and keep our energy levels and endorphins up. The gym here you just pay each time you use 1 euro I think. And its all brand new and so fancy!. 

Love from Slovakia,

Harper Lane

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