Sunday, January 16, 2011

An Evening in Slovakia...

Oh thank God its the weekend again.

This week was tough trying to adjust to the new job, people, place, and TIME CHANGE.  I am finding it hard to really connect with anyone here...I literally have NOTHING in common with anyone and it makes me a little sad. I miss my girls and the lover back home...but I keep having to remind myself that all of my friends "back home" aren't even really there anyway. We've all scattered about the globe and now its my turn to scatter. 

I will be glad when I have my room finished as somewhere suitable to live in, then my weekends won't be filled with trips to Tesco to buy hangers...and coffee mugs...and trash cans. But for now, it was another fun filled Saturday at Tesco. Both room mates and our two other work mates had to go so we all ventured together the 30min packed bus THE MOST AMAZING HOT CHOCOLATE EVER!!! from a cafe there, then attempted to get the things we needed weaving in and out of the rest of Bratislava that goes there on Saturdays. Then you pack it all up, whatever you can carry, and wait in the rain for the bus, then take the packed bus 30min back to your apartment where after unloading its high time for a nap. This is what Im saying, Tesco is an event. Its funny to try and balance all of the things you bought on the crowded bus too...Jackie had a new broom and mop for the apt plus 2 bags...I had two bags with fragile things in them plus a box of hangers, etc. 

After we rested a bit, Christina (one of my room mates) and I ventured to the city center to meet up with some awkward work associates from the school for someones birthday. OH MAN our city is the cutest EVER! There is a big promenade with fountains and cafes and statues and bars and just everything I could ever want for my city! The opera house and what I think is city hall were just gorgeous, and so cute with ice skating rinks set up around them. The birthday thing was at the cutest coffee shop EVER, of which Starbucks pastries SUCK compared to anything I saw there, so we just chatted with the strange people and hung out awhile. Other friends were supposed to meet up with us for drinks...but we are all STILL not used to the time change and work schedule and everyone was tired, so Christina and I just got a quick dinner and then ended up back home around 11p. 

I tried to take some pictures, but its dark and we were walking so they pretty much suck. But they will at least serve as a sneak peek of more daylight and spring time adventures to come!

 My 1 euro delicious beer from Friday night!!! I love cheap Europe!

The hot chocolate here is like pudding! Its SO amazing and creamy and delicious. They have a sweet cafe at Tesco where we chatted before exhausting ourselves shopping. 


Just snapped this really quick while waiting for our bus...someday I will see you up close and in the day light, I promise.

Fatty walking across the beautiful bridge from Au Park (awesome mall) to the old city center. 
Thats the Danube river. 

Beautiful statue welcoming you into the promenade...

Opera House we all want to go see something at before we go home, probably my favorite thing Ive seen so far. Besides all the castle ruins of course. 

The vegetarian got herself a much loved and missed chicken shwarma. 
BEST ONE IVE HAD YET! And a whopping 2.70euro. 
Behind me is a pretty fountain and to the left they were ice skating in front of 
this big pretty building I couldn't quite capture- but I love it here!

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