Sunday, January 23, 2011

Out in Bratislava...

Some of us out...poor roomie can never keep her eyes open in pictures, too funny. 

FINALLY I got to go out last night with new friends and the roomies here in my new city. And I have to say, I had a fantastic time! Don't know if I can say the same for some of the other girls there...but more on that later.

We met up at an Irish pub right in the old city center and got dinner (menus in English! Yay!) and drinks with everyone...around midnight we decided to venture to a Moroccan hookah bar down the street too. So we smoked some hookah (cue coughing myself to sleep) and talked and I had another drink and it was just dreamy. I haven't smoked hookah since I was in Berlin a few years ago, I forgot how awesome it is. Except the coughing myself to sleep part...tender little lungs. AND then we took the night bus home (which runs all night, thanks:) which left the city a little after 1a and the bus was PACKED. I just love Euro cities!!!

I am not totally sure what the deal is with some of the girls here, but for some reason there is this weird clique and gossip fest that goes on every time they all hang out. And I say "they" even though I am present...because I really don't feel like I am even there. Nobody asks me about myself and when I do talk about something no one seems to really care. In fact, I sense they dont even like me that much. Two girls in particular send off one of those "Im better then you and dont have to wear make up or dress cutely to prove it, so Im just going to look like this and think your weird for dressing up" vibes. Which gets really old really quickly. Tonight was the merging of the gossip clique with the English couple that they always talk shit on. I got the sense they weren't really looking forward to hanging out with the English couple and have told me so many stories and not so nice things about them...but seriously, every time I hang out with them I have the nicest time! FINALLY some people to talk about good music with, psychology, travel, ANYTHING BESIDES SCHOOL. And they like going out and having a good time while gossip clique just like to sit around and watch movies and eat dinner. This is not to say the English couple won't show their true colors one of these days...but I think I would like to make my own decision about them. And there is something to be said about the fact that when you get 5 people together talking shit about 2 people constantly...exaggeration, overly excessive venting, and bitching ensues.

Hence another reason why I think I would like to move into my own place. I could spend time with whoever I wanted, make new friends outside of my room mates and people I work with (hopefully), and would be away from the constant talk about work or gossip which is driving me crazy. Plus, its really difficult to talk about your room mates and work mates to friends back home when you all live together...and they can hear you in your room...Im too old for this crap.

But until then, I finally made it to Ikea and am dedicating the day to getting it fixed up accordingly. 100euros well spent.

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