Thursday, January 13, 2011

Some Slack...

Ok, so I know I am the queen of posting everyday at least once...but seriously, this whole moving across the world...starting a new demanding job...jet lag...trying to communicate with loved back home and make new friends hormones= EXHAUSTED.

So cut me some slack here the next week or so as I try and get my schedule figured out and energy back up. I am feeling better then I was earlier this week now that I am sleeping all night...but my energy is still low and there is still SO much to do as I get my classroom together and try and prep for each day. I am loving it though and am so happy here.

Starting to really miss PAG though. We are writing to each other and its really sweet...just hoping that its enough. Missing my real friends too. Apparently its tough to meet people you really connect and click with in life, who knew?

I am trying to take pictures everyday or so, so I can at least post those during the week for you all as I try and get settled here, and Ill copy my travel blog updates here so you can have those too.

Saturday I am thinking of venturing to the huge store to organize my life AND THEN to the big castle by my school. Its supposed to be nice and sunny so I think an adventure is in order.

Until then, here are some pictures from yesterday...

 Pretty building downtown. Yesterday the weather was amazing! 

Activity I came up with for my kids to do as we are learning about the parts of the body. Try and guess the hyperactive child's project. 

All my love.

Harper Lane.

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