Saturday, January 08, 2011


Rockin the glasses and granny sweater. First impressions are important. 

Hello loves from Slovakia!

Damn time change...only got a few hours of sleep last night even though I am SO tired. Its 9a here and Im already ready to go back to sleep! Flight was pretty easy...lack of sleep due to my lover (and travel anxiety) from the night before meant I just slept and woke up in London! We were late getting in and had to RUN to catch our next flight to Vienna and then wait in line for lost baggage once in Vienna because they didn't make the quick switch. From Vienna we bused to seemed beautiful but it was too dark to really tell...and then took a 20min bus to our flat which is just around the corner from the stop here. I have to say, I was in HIGH spirits the entire travel time which is pretty rare for me since I am usually fussy and uncomfortable and am just trying to hide it the entire time by putting in my ear buds and reading my kindle. I am just so happy to be doing this! Even though it means leaving PAG...and my Bella...and my dearest girl friends and family...I feel like I was MEANT to do this. And its so natural for me- traveling in Europe is what I DO (kind of like my OTHER part time job...after being a teacher and blogger of course). I have been itching to get here for ages and now that Im finally here it just feels so normal and lovely!

I dreamed of PAG and I together while flying to London. I didn't like sleeping in my jail cell of a room here without him. But at the same time...I am ok. I know what Im doing is what Im supposed to be doing. And that I will be home in July and everything will be the same as when I left. For the first time in a long time I feel that forgotten feeling of peace. Hello old friend, its been awhile.

Today we venture to get a month bus pass and to Tesco which is like their huge grocery/Target type of store. I will be getting my phone set up...a towel so I dont have to use old clothes to dry off...and groceries and other little things. The bus is really more like a trolley that runs on those lines goes EVERYWHERE and the stop is just around the corner from our flat.

Our apartment is just PRECIOUS and so big! I've posted pictures before here and it looks exactly the same. I want to redecorate my room NOW, but I think I need to wait a few days until I have the basics, like food, covered. I am excited to be able to buy things and actually have them in my room! Usually when I travel we are always moving around and trying to stuff little things into my luggage, it's the worst...but here...if I like it, I buy it, and home it goes!

Ill try and take lots of pictures today as we venture around the city and I get my room together...ugh this room. Oh, and my roomies are super cute and fun. VERY easy going and easy to get along with, they are so eager to help me get acquainted and welcome me here. I am excited to work and travel with them.

Today I love my life.

Harper Lane

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