Sunday, January 02, 2011

Dramatic. I am a little tipsy right about now...and the following may reflect this...but apparently I am DRAMATIC?

I have had friends mention this to me a few times before...just that I am this way and they love it about me and whatever...but I guess I never thought about it.

Well, your freaking out about not hearing from a guy for a DAY after only knowing him for 2 weeks when your about to move away for 6 months. -Annie

I think the "drama" my friends speak of (and what is CLEARLY reflected in this blog) is just a mix of my natural intuition I have in situations...the previous times I've been hurt which rear up when situations feel self awareness and desire to process things which requires me to "shut down" for a time...and just being a sensitive pensive woman. I am one of the least shallow women you will ever meet...except I die for fashion and pretty things which can be pretty damn shallow but suck it, its part of my charm.

So SORRY if I get upset when the boy I am falling for and who I thought was the loveliest I'd ever met, suddenly falls off the face of the planet and Im NOT supposed to be dramatic about it? That is THE definition of a time to be dramatic! Although...friends and family also did point out that he really doesn't seem like the kind of guy to do that and just probably had things come up...but then here comes intuition and previous experience making me all fussy again. He's not answering my texts or calling me. He broke plans with me just by being MIA when we only have a few days left together.

Maybe he just realized 'Oh man Im really falling for this girl and she's moving away I can't handle this'-Annie

Either way I just SENSE not good things. And yes, Drama is coming out. And she just wants to sit in bed, listen to music, and drink wine.

Ok fine, maybe I am dramatic.

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