Saturday, January 08, 2011


Today we went to the GIANT store here, Tesco. Seriously, I have never been so overwhelmed by a store like I was this one. Wow. It was like a Target, Huge grocery, and then mall all put in one! Even though it sounds like Im in Eastern Europe with a name like "Slovakia", they have everything I could ever want here and more. Even most of the toiletries are in English and are American brands. And so cheap!

We got tons of food and I got the toiletries I needed but I forgot to buy hangers (cue pile of all my clothes on a chair in my room) so we walked to the grocery 10min down the street which was also huge and just as nice! There is even a little mini mart, craft store, cafes, gelato, ATM, hard ware store, bars...everything only 5min away. Maybe even less, its like around the corner. And so cute! We are 20min from the city center by bus which runs all night, and are going there for the afternoon tomorrow. I am hoping to actually take some pictures then. I didn't really have anything to take pictures of today...the grocery store? Outside was grey and rainy...which I haven't minded...but it doesn't make for scenic picture taking.

This evening I made dinner for the roomies and then began redecorating my room 2011. Oh my it looks so much better already! Next weekend we are venturing to Ikea where I will finish the redecorating and you can see pictures then. My room mates are all impressed and excited for me to decorate the rest of the house too, they clearly have no idea who they are dealing with.

So tomorrow I go to my new school so my roomies can get some work done, then coffee in the city center with some of the other teachers, and then dinner at one of the other teachers houses. Everyone is so nice here...although I dont know that Ill find someone who is into the same things I am...but I can't wait to start working next week!

No snow yet...but there should be some Tuesday.

Harper Lane

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