Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Au Revoir Mon Amour

So I still haven't heard from Postal Annex Guy(PAG). 

I spent Sunday being really sad about it and moped around the house and drank too much wine whilst avoiding questions from my parents about what happened. But yesterday was spent laughing and venting with dear friends around the city which lifted my spirits and today I am pretty much fine. Besides being irritated that he just dropped off the face of the planet. And yes, I am still a little hurt and sad. But mostly just annoyed with BOYS who can't get their balls together enough to just CALL A GIRL and tell her you dont think its going to work out. I mean seriously, it's not that difficult. I thought I had finally met a MAN who wouldn't pull the "fall off the face of the planet" syndrome on me...but nope. Apparently 30 years old isn't the cut off from boys to men. But now I have time and am back to being my awesome self and have time again for all the things I love...friends, fashion, sleeping with Bella, walking, family, reading, following all of my beautiful blogs, and finding pretty things for all of you. Plus, this hot single lady is leaving in 2 DAYS to move abroad and bust some European mens balls. So suck on that Postal Annex Guy.

Although...I do wonder if "fall off the face of the planet" syndrome has reached Europe yet?

Thats me! thanks to Bullock Productions. 

Get Ready Slovakia, Im coming for you!

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