Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Neighborhood?

Yesterday our receptionist took me to see a flat she found for me within my budget and OH MAN it was SO nice!!! One bedroom with brand new everything and a balcony looking into this little courtyard. It was furnished nicely and even the bedspread and pictures on the walls were cute. 

The neighborhood was pretty fancy, I was VERY impressed. And I just walk out of my building and can get italian food, chinese, pizza, and there is a nice grocery store. OR I can just walk down the hill and will keep hitting restaurant after restaurant. Its in the old city! Its my dream! Plus I would be right around the corner from the castle in the city center! The one in all the Bratislava pictures! 

This is the one I snapped while waiting for the bus last weekend, just to the right of it is my apartment!

While waiting for the owner to come show the apartment, we just walked around the corner to snap this little picture. Can you imagine?!

Well, I told her I wanted it and she even said the school could arrange to have me move in asap. But then I asked to make sure she remembered I only want to have a lease until July, "How long is the lease then?"
"oh a year. A year."


So once I am back from Munich I will ask her about it. Keep our fingers crossed!

Loving Munich by the way, taking lots of pictures for a few big updates once I can get myself to bed before 3am. Yes, thats right, Munich is FUN.

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