Saturday, January 01, 2011

Adventures in Moving.

Moving Adventures.
I had pretty much everything packed when Postal Annex Guy (PAG) arrived to help me move yesterday, when he got there he just said “just point to what you want me to put in the truck and I’ll do it” To the point that when I would try and take something out, he would kiss me and tell me to stop and just finish packing and let him take them out. He’s just precious. Then my parents came to help it happened dears, he met the rents. Two truck loads of my boxes and furniture, one cut finger, one dump off at the Goodwill, and we were at my parents house unloading when my dad sprung this fun fact on me:

Even though you’ve been moved out for 2 months and we could have done this ANYTIME during that timeline, we’ve decided to paint your room NOW. So lets stack your shit here in the living room where you have to dig through everything every time you need something and you can sleep on the hard pull out couch in the office where I work during the day so you can’t even really be in there either. 

So thats right friends, my last few days in my home and I don’t even get to sleep in my own bed or have my own space. I was and am SO ANGRY AND ANNOYED. So I just nudged PAG and told him “I guess that means we’ll be having a lot of sleepovers at your house, doesn’t it”, which was pretty much already a given anyway. Annie offered her place too. So it’s been “fun” trying to locate things I need even to shower or get dressed...I could have stayed at my apartment a few more days, they could have painted anytime during these last months, or even just had the consideration to TELL ME BEFOREHAND so I could pack accordingly, but no. None of that happened. My Dads kind of a dick sometimes. 

Anyway, PAG ended up staying until like 7pm eating dinner with my entire family and Annie!!! I must say, he was a hit. Annie loved him and my parents liked him too. I believe Annies words were, “Um...I like, love him, I mean...I kind of want to high five you right now!”. He had NYE plans with his family and I had plans with the girls, so we drove around to look at Christmas lights/make out and get warm in his car for a few minutes before parting for the evening...uh seriously, we live in SAN DIEGO and the high was 50 yesterday, RIDICULOUS. And please don’t bore me with your bullshit about how cold it is where you live compared to here...suck it, cold is cold. 

Of course we texted throughout the evening too, and today he is with his family but tomorrow he is taking me on a picnic/walk somewhere lovely. I am getting sad about leaving him. Still excited about adventuring abroad...but what if he doesn’t want to wait for me? Am I throwing away something perfect and lovely just to go be alone and freezing in Slovakia? Ideally I just want to go for 6 months and then come home and we’ll be together and live happily ever after...and whose to say that can’t happen?! Come on fate, lets work to my advantage this year please?

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